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Relieving Anxiety, Stress, and Depression With Massages

By Valeria Ruiz


● Massage therapy is a great way to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

  • Some types of massages are used to manage these mental health issues.

  • Studies have shown physical and emotional benefits after a person who deals with anxiety, depression, or stress receives massage therapy


Stress is something inevitable that occurs in a person’s day-to-day life and it triggers responses in one's body caused by something that overwhelms them. And when they have trouble coping to stressful situations, it can lead to anxiety and depression. Some people today use massage therapy as a way to make someone feel better. People often look at massage therapy as a way to pamper oneself. This is true, but it also helps control our anxiety, depression, and stress.

Some types of massages

  • Aromatherapy massage:

  • This is a great alternative for people who enjoy scents combined with a massage. Studies have shown it boosts moods, reduces anxiety, relieves pain, and reduces symptoms of depression. The therapy uses gentle pressure combined with essential oils, where it's usually inhaled through a diffuser and also absorbs through the skin.

  • Sports massage:

  • Even though this massage is known to cure injury caused by sports, the deep tissue massages help release tension, avoid future injuries, and relieve pain.

  • Reflexology

  • Uses firm, gentle pressure in the ears, hands, and feet. This massage is recommendable for people who are looking to relax and restore their energy. It’s good for relaxation, improves sleep, reduces pain and anxiety, etc. A review done in 2018 determined that reflexology decreased anxiety in those dealing with stressful situations.

Physical Benefits

  • Not only does a massage make you feel good, it helps control the cortisol in your body. Cortisol is the hormone produced by stress, which increases glucose in the bloodstream and in the brain and then causes us to make rational decisions in stressful situations. Getting a massage an hour a day lowers our cortisol levels, but increases our “happy hormone” known as serotonin. By increasing serotonin, the body is able to manage stress, depression, or anxiety. For some people it’s perfect for them to feel human contact.

Emotional Benefits

  • Massages can equally provide the same emotional benefits as physical benefits. After their session, they feel relieved and more relaxed. As reducing stress and anxiety, it can boost a person’s mood and increase their confidence. It’s a perfect way to form a connection with the mind and soul. Massage therapists listen to your needs and look for the best options for you. It can last 15-90 minutes. It’s a tool anyone can use on their mental health journey.

Difference between Omicron

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