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Positive Energy in Medicine

By Malve Mohamed


There is a strong relationship between the psychological state and the health of the body. If a person is dominated by anxiety, fear and excessive tension, it may worsen the body's immunity and thus exacerbate health conditions. Therefore, the positive energy and psychological state of the patient play an active role in addressing the disease and may contribute to getting rid of it. Being positive is one of the most effective treatments in overcoming diseases, such as diabetes high blood pressure, heart diseases of all kinds, migraines, headaches, stomach and bone pain as well as cancer diseases, which all require the patient to have patience and strength during treatment.

Studies that Show the Importance of Positive Energy

Dr. Samia Al-khoury, a consultant psychiatrist at Rashid Hospital, described the relationship of the psychological factors in humans as linked and not separated or divided and this has been proven by studies and research in addition to clinical and practical experience in dealing with different medical conditions. She added that it is common knowledge in medical practice that the psychological factors is one of the basic factors that are taken into account when diagnosing and treating many diseases.

Doctors at the Dubai Health Authority confirmed that the psychological state of people with chronic or incurable disease represents about 60 percent of the treatment because the nervous system affects the immune system in the body. Higher levels of the immune system weakens the resistance to diseases, specifically cancerous diseases that penetrate the body and gives it the opportunity to grow and thrive due to the decrease in the proportion of lymphocytes responsible for providing protection for the body from infection with these tumors.

Practices to Maintain Positivity

  • Simplify life and reduce emotional challenges.

  • Always remember that tomorrow is better, and therefore a person should start his day thinking in his heart that this day is better than the day before.

  • The individual should know that all families suffer from differences and problems, and therefore he must give himself enough time with his family, such as sitting at the dining table with the family, for example.

  • Join groups that provide self-help, implement different programs, give emotional support to a person, and help him or her redirect his life.

  • Change the way you deal with things, and try to change as much as possible.

  • Getting rid of negative thoughts that occupy thinking, which the more thinking about them becomes reality, and fills the mind with positive thoughts .

  • Respecting the body by treating it, by following healthy diets, and this would also purify the mind.

  • Letting go of all the things that no longer serve any benefit in life, and getting rid of all negative emotions such as sadness, anger, resentment, jealousy, and guilt.

  • Allocate a space in the house to relax, rest, and recharge the mind and body, while placing beautiful decorations in it, adding candles.

  • Reading books because of their beneficial effect in reviving positive energy in a person.

  • Work with favorite people who infuse positive energy in individuals.

  • Making the decision to change from within with complete conviction in it.

  • Providing assistance to a person in need, as this gives the mind a chance to relax, and gives him enough time to find solutions to various problems, and also gives him a feeling that he is better than he was.

  • Not to compare with others, meaning that a person keeps his eyes on what he has, not on what he wants, and that he is grateful for everything he has, even if it is simple and of little importance.

  • Deal with situations calmly and logically.

  • Staying away from the world, and this gives a person the opportunity to seclude himself, and thus restore his energy, it is not necessary to be available all the time, especially on social media that drains a lot of a person and his time.

  • Making important decisions in life without being affected by the opinions or interests of others. A person has to deal with his life as the only one responsible for it and able to change it

  • Talking with positive friends. A person should surround himself with people who spread positive energy . Brainstorming can be done with them to come up with new ideas or come up with solutions to specific problems.

  • Exercising, such as walking, can release chemical messengers in the brain, thus relieving negative emotions.

  • Get enough sleep, as studies have shown that people who do not sleep enough feel sad and angry.

  • Rewarding oneself from time to time by going out for entertainment, for example, and this eases the burden on it, and returns to life and work with a new self and positive energy

  • Seeing that every new day is a new opportunity.

  • Enjoy nature, studies have shown that the outdoors relieve stress, improve memory and give a feeling of renewal.

  • Take mental breaks from time to time, especially when work and problems pile up.

  • Laughter, because of its effect on enhancing immunity, and laughter adjusts mood and reduces the effects of the stresses that an individual faces in life.

  • Breathe deeply, by doing breathing exercises, which will expel toxins from the body, and introduce fresh air to the brain.

  • Talk to yourself out loud about the positive, and that things will get better


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